Happy National Dental Hygiene Month!

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October is commonly recognized as the month packed with pumpkins, scarecrows, trick-or-treaters, and all things Halloween. At our dental office in Memphis, October has another important meaning that’s near and dear to our hearts; it’s National Dental Hygiene month – when we recognize our dedicated dental hygienists and bring awareness to the importance of proper… Read more »

All About Dental X-Rays

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Dental x-rays are a vital diagnostic tool used to properly identify any underlying conditions that may not yet be visible on the surface. At our dental office in Memphis, we perform dental x-rays only as often as necessary, which can vary from patient to patient depending on their oral needs and health history. We also… Read more »

All About Oral Cancer

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April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and our dental office in Memphis thought we should dedicate a blog this month to help educate our patients and community on the prevalence of oral cancer in America, what increases someone’s likelihood of developing the disease, and how to spot signs of oral cancer. Oral Cancer Statistics Like… Read more »

In Case of a Dental Emergency, Read This Blog

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The last thing anyone ever wants to deal with is a dental emergency. Dental emergencies, like any type of unexpected issue, can be scary, painful, and even confusing as to how to handle them. At our dental office in Memphis, we want to help our patients and neighbors understand different types of dental emergencies and… Read more »