Tooth Pain Tips

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Tooth pain can be unbearable and effect more than just the tooth alone. The whole mouth may feel the discomfort caused by a toothache, and some people also experience severe headaches. While relief may seem to be nowhere in sight, the team at our dental office in Memphis has a few tips that you can… Read more »

The Importance of Sharing Your Medical History with Your Dentist

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We know that the paperwork you’re required to fill out when you visit a new healthcare provider can be a hassle. We also understand that it may be tempting to rush through these forms. However, there’s a reason all of your doctors, including your dentist in Memphis, ask for all of that information. Because when… Read more »

Looking for Migraine Relief? Consider Seeing Your Dentist

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Over 39 million Americans, including both adults and children, are affected by chronic migraines, and currently there is no cure. In order to help educate the public on the reality of this painful condition, our Memphis dental office observes National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month every June. But why is a dentist talking about migraines?… Read more »

Does Asthma Affect Dental Health?

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It’s well known that asthma causes a narrowing of the airways, reduces oxygen flow, and makes it difficult to breathe. It’s a chronic, scary disease that affects the lungs and entire respiratory system. But can it be true that asthma may also affect dental health? The team at our dental office in Memphis has the… Read more »