At Avery and Meadows, we use CEREC technology to create custom-made porcelain restorations in-house, in one visit. CEREC takes a digital impression of your tooth then custom mills a precise restoration. No more messy mouth molds. No more temporary restorations. No more waiting for the lab. No more return visits for the permanent restoration. Now your inlay, onlay or crown can be created and permanently seated in one visit.

My parents go here and I have been a patient at Avery and Meadows for as long as I can remember. I like the staff; they are all nice and know what they’re talking about. Even when I needed lots of cavities repaired, they were very careful with me. I had too many cavities to do them all at once and had to come in several times, but I was always comfortable. I had about three done each time and each visit took about an hour. I used to not like my teeth but now I do! I think they look a lot better.